Friday, 25 November 2011

LA LA LAND - Feature Film

This is a PREVIZ promotional movie poster for one of Aash Aaron's comedy screenplays called LALALAND. It is based upon characters & story concepts created by Kieran Fitzsimmons and was written by Aash Aaron. Currently the script is optioned by the CEO of Auckland Studios in New Zealand. The project has been shopped around Hollywood and has had marque directors and producers interested but has not as yet been taken into production. So any interested co-producers or investors are quite welcome to get involved if they are looking for a hilarious road trip comedy with heart about 2 escaped mental patients who steal 2 Criminal's car then enlist the assistance of a first night street hooker to help them get to a theme park called LALALAND before the end of the world (as they believe) happens or the Cops and their Callous Carer catch them 1st!!!

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